The Web has another Dimension

XEAR PaaS integrates Augmented Reality into the web, offering a whole new channel to producers, publishers & advertisers.

Experience Next Generation AR Through Your Browser - No Apps, No Downloads.

Augmented Reality Enters The Cloud

Access Augmented Reality as easy as a website. Search, share & experience AR with any device running a modern web browser.
Cut client-side computations & mobile device battery consumption.
Create, Update & Publish Augmented Reality in Real-time.
Utilise Cutting-Edge Rendering Techniques, exploiting latest GPUs & Hardware APIs for Truly Realistic Augmentations.
Embrace the Possibilities of near Unlimited Markers, Point Clouds, Geo Spatial Information & Assets.
Don't wait for Consumer Device Upgrades. Use Latest Technologies when You are Ready.
Forget about portability issues and costly risk factors. Streaming AR delivers a predictable user experience across a wide range of devices.



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